You only need to know that I’m one of those people who has to know everything about something I decide to take an interest in. There are no half measures, all or nothing. This ranges from being an avid plane spotter and aviation geek to an encyclopaedic memory on Naval History 1900-45, the Cold War, Nuclear weapons, command and control systems, Germany 1871-1945, The Knights Templar and their legacy, the Papacy, The Crusades, Art theft and artefact smuggling and black market in the post war years, and Grand Prix!

This is just a cross section. The reason I want to know so much about these subjects is because each has had a deep, lasting, psychological impact on who we are today. Most of us won’t even know it, even those who know some of it want to hide from it. It’s all a bit uncomfortable to remember the past “when it doesn’t matter and we can’t change it”. But it does matter especially when it comes back to haunt us. Nothing upsets our comfortable world view more than something we can’t do anything about but have to deal with in the now.

In many ways that’s what my first and subsequent novels are about. Dealing with the past when it decides it’s fed up with being ignored and makes itself felt in the here and now.

In everything serious though, there is comedy and personal relationships change and develop,there is a lot of that going on in my books too! I’ve met some amazing people over the years and many of their characteristics have been merged into some colourful individuals. I hope you like them.


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